We create & manage communications programs for privately held companies, professional service firms, non-profits, individuals and ministries. We advise corporate communications departments, public relations firms, advertising and marketing agencies.

pr_70pxPublic relations, in this age of change, is an essential discipline for business, organization leaders and managers. Our mission is to increase positive publicity for your people, brand & services. Positive media exposure ensures long term success.

Client services include:

    • Market/Sector positioning
    • Media relations campaigns
    • Corporate and professional communications programs
    • investor relations support
    • Website and social media development
    • Internal communications
    • Trade and consumer product promotions
    • Ministry and nonprofit communications & development

Our business and cultural experience areas include:

  • Technology
  • Legal
  • Aerospace
  • Engineering
  • Media
  • Management Consulting
  • International Relations
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Publishing
  • Education & History
  • Authors & Book Marketing
  • Religion & Culture

“About 85% of all the editorial material found in newspapers, magazines and electronic media has passed through the hands of a PR pro on its way to getting published.” – Anonymous

newspaper-mediaModern public relations and the media were born in the later days of the nineteenth century. Today, both have powerful influence on the public, business, professions, government and religion. The practice of PR is unique to western culture, especially within free-speech democracies where there are numerous media outlets and a free and open press. Its role is to expose people to the information they need to make informed decisions that are the responsibility of a citizen. The ability to make life decisions is a the unique responsibility of people who participate in a constitutional government, allows them to pursue an education or business interest, invest, pay taxes, raise families and vote.

Outside democracies, these social and personal functions are not afforded to the individual’s discretion but are dictated by the state or a ruling power. Monarchies, theocracies and other forms of government control the affairs of the public and require compliance, either to a ruling bureaucracy or the whims of a dictator.

media-signsIn a free society, targeting and managing the release of trustworthy news is the challenge of the PR professional. These communications professional offer editorial information to various media channels and press outlets.

Effective public relations is the most cost-effective and lasting way to reach:
- News editors & reporters you must influence
- Prospects you seek to serve
- Supporters and the general public

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